Professional Development


In a fast changing world County Sligo VEC recognises the need for the organisation to keep abreast of developments across a whole range of initiatives and programmes. Management and staffing capacity should reflect the demands required by new regulations, national partnership arrangements and the direct and indirect impact of the wide range of legislative provision that come within the ambit of the vocational sector. County Sligo VEC is committed to undertaking a skills audit and providing opportunities for staff to engage in upskilling, both at a professional and personal level in order to equip them to respond more effectively and fully in the delivery of modern and dynamic service provision.

In the Education Plan for 2010-2016 County Sligo VEC intends to:

  • Enhance the management and administrative structures and teaching and learning delivery through the promotion of continued professional and personal development.
  • Resource, where appropriate, the provision of professional development training.
  • Embed a culture of professional and personal development as an essential and necessary component for the introduction of new methodologies and work practice.
  • Espouse the benefits of professional and personal development at all levels of the organisation.