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What is the BTEI?

The Back To Education Initiative (B. T. E. I.) provides part-time Further Education programmes for young people and adults. The aim is to give people an opportunity to combine a return to learning with family, work and other responsibilities.

When are BTEI Programmes available?

Flexibility is the key word. Programmes can be offered on a part-time basis, in the mornings, afternoons, evenings or at weekends.

Objectives of the Back To Education Initiative

The overall objectives of the BTEI are:

  • Increase the participation of young people and adults with less than upper secondary education in a range of flexible learning opportunities.
  • A priority of BTEI is to target the individuals and groups that experience particular and acute barriers to participation in education and are more difficult to engage in the formal learning process.

Who can join

Anyone who has left full-time education can take part in the programme but priority is given to those with no formal qualifications.

There are no fees payable by persons entitled to, or dependents of persons entitled to:

  • A full medial card.
  • An unemployment payment.
  • A means tested welfare payment.
  • A family income supplement payment.

Courses Available

A diverse range of coursed are on offer including:

Leaving Certificate. Childcare with Special Needs Focus.
Junior Certificate English & Maths. Basic Education Skills.
Computers. Horticulture.
Pre-Nursing & Healthcare Studies. Personal Development.
Childcare. Communications.

Programmes are offered on a part-time basis at venues throughout the county and are certified by the Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) or the Department of Education & Science.

Will I be paid while attending a BTEI Course?

Generally no, except for those students eligible for full-time Youthreach / Traveller training programmes who do not have an underlying social welfare entitlement. They will receive a pro-rata training allowance from the Department of Education and Science, depending on the number of hours they attend each week.

for people in receipt of social welfare payments, continued entitlement to benefit is subject to satisfying the Department of Social and Family Affairs as to their continued eligibility for the schemes. It is best to discuss individual circumstances with the social welfare office.

Will I obtain certification for a BTEI course?

All courses offer access to certification at FETAC Levels 1 to 6 through the National Framework of Qualifications. Flexible approaches will allow you to build up credits over time and achieve recognised qualifications.

What will I get from taking part in a BTEI programme?

Participation in part-time programmes can provide opportunities to:

  • continue your learning
  • obtain national certification
  • develop new skills
  • pursue new employment options

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